BMC 1.0


*Currently a three week lead time*

*Each unit is built to order, but we may eventually have spares in stock*


***Launch special: free shipping/delivery within the continental United States! Contact us regarding international shipping.


Built and shipped from Arizona (some electronics manufactured outside of the US)


Two head single-stage filler:

CO2 purge in each position prior to filling

  -4 second CO2 purge

  -approx 11 second fill cycle


Single button operation.

Simple adjustment to switch from 16oz to 12oz fill levels.


~Built in adjustable flow restriction.

~Ball valves prevent potential issues with solenoid diaphrams.

~Hydrostatic sensors remove issues found with flow meters.


***We recommend the Oktober Series 7 seamer for use with this filling rig.


Recommended filling conditions:

-beer at or below 34 degrees (the colder it is, the more efficient)

-VolCO2 at appropriate levels for the style

2 Head Filler

  • The system operates with a single button press.

    Once powered on, pressing the blue button will raise the heads.  After that point, each blue button press will initiate a single cycle: lower heads, purge cans, fill cans, raise heads.

    The red button is to reset the system if anything goes wrong: fill head comes down on a can collar, liquid source runs out, etc.  It will close the valves (if open) and return every component to it's base state.  A press of the blue button after a reset will raise the heads to prepare for filling cycles.

    A caustic soak is recommended before and after each canning run.  Sanitizer can be used to flush the system as well in between beers.

    Cleaning the CO2 fill tubes and hydrostatic sensors can be accomplished with a spray bottle and sanitizer.

  • 26" wide x 22" tall x 12" deep.

    Stainless steel frame